Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am currently a PhD student. I know that a PhD or equivalent degree is one of the eligibility requirements for TIDIRC. I was wondering if exceptions have been made in the past.

A: TIDIRC is a very competitive program, and applicants must have a terminal degree in their field. Please follow up if you have any specific questions about this requirement.

Q: I am interested in D&I training, but I do not focus on cancer research. Can I still apply?

A: This course is specifically focused on building the capacity of D&I research among cancer investigators. We encourage you to consider other D&I research training programs if your research would relate to other health topics.

Q: What costs are associated with TIDIRC?

A: There is no direct cost to participate in TIDIRC. Participants are required to cover their expenses related to attending the in-person portion of the training, including airfare, transit, hotel, incidentals, etc.

Q: Can my research team/partner apply as a group?

A: Only individual applications are currently being accepted for admission to TIDIRC. Your research partner/team is welcome to also submit individual applications, but we cannot guarantee the admission of your team members.

Q: If accepted to TIDIRC, what are the course requirements and expectations?

A: All online course content is made available at the beginning of the training. Review of the materials is self-paced. The course has six fixed deadlines for assignment submissions, and repeated tardiness in submission will impact participant standing and, ultimately, the invitation to the in-person training. Assignments will be posted to the training site, and participants will receive written feedback from facilitators and peers. All participants are sorted into small groups that will cover specific areas of research. These groups will schedule 1–2 calls over the course of the training, and best efforts will be made to accommodate all schedules. There is one organized group technical assistance session that will be scheduled during the training, and the date for this session will be made available several weeks in advance.

Last Updated
September 24, 2020