Application Procedure

The 2021 application period is closed. For questions concerning the training or application process, please review the FAQ page or contact the Implementation Science Team at

Please be sure to name all your files with your last name followed by an underscore and the type of document (see below). All documents must be either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF files.

  1. Personal Statement
    Implementation science is an inherently transdisciplinary field, requiring the involvement and contribution of multiple perspectives, disciplines, and stakeholders, including policy and practice stakeholders. Success in designing and conducting implementation studies requires experience, interest, and a commitment to working in a transdisciplinary manner, spanning multiple academic disciplines as well as research, policy, and practice boundaries. Please briefly describe (300-word maximum) your experience in (or plans for) productive, effective transdisciplinary work and how this fits with your goals for conducting D&I research in the future. *Save file as “YourLastName_Statement”
  1. Letter(s) of recommendation
    Letter(s) of recommendation from a research mentor (or colleague for senior-level applicants) who can (a) address your potential to pursue D&I research and (b) speak to institutional interest and support for D&I research. One letter of support is required, two letters are acceptable if needed to best address criteria A and B. If submitting two letters of recommendation, please combine them into one document. *Save file as “YourLastName_Recommendation”
  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    Current CV; NIH Biosketches CANNOT be submitted in lieu of a CV. *Save file as “YourLastName_CV”
  1. Concept Paper
    A concept paper describing the D&I, cancer-focused research project you plan to conduct and will develop during the institute. Describe the specific aims and general approach. In addition, please describe (a) the evidence-based practice or innovation you wish to implement (or that you wish to study within the context of a natural experiment of implementation or adaptation) or disseminate; (b) the type of implementation strategy or approach you envision (if you plan an interventional study); and (c) the type of evaluation or research plan you envision. Required format: not to exceed 2 pages (8.5x11 or A4), 1-inch margins, and size 11 font. Papers longer than 2 pages will not be reviewed to ensure equity in the selection process. References are not required and will not count toward the page limit. *Save file as “YourLastName_ConceptPaper”

Key Dates

Course Launch: March 29, 2021

Virtual Closeout: November 1 and 2, 2021

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February 19, 2021