Dispatches from Implementation Science at NCI

The Dispatches from Implementation Science at NCI blog discusses the integration of implementation science into research across the cancer control continuum to improve the relevance to healthcare systems and population and public health.


Increasing the Usage of the RTIPs Website To Support Implementation of Effective Cancer Control

Annabelle Uy, MS| September 2019

Annabelle Uy

Over the years, I have managed the Research-Tested Intervention Programs (RTIPs) website and have continued to be interested in how we can enhance the features for practitioner use of the website.

Reflections on My Fellowship with the Implementation Science Team at NCI

Prajakta Adsul, MBBS, MPH, PhD| August 2019

Prajakta Adsul

The Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program is a multidisciplinary postdoctoral program that trains future leaders in the field of cancer prevention and control.

Reflections on Training Opportunities in Implementation Science

Wynne E. Norton, PhD| July 2019

Wynne E. Norton

As we close out another cycle of the Training Institute in Dissemination and Implementation in Cancer (TIDIRC), let's reflect on educational programs in implementation science.

Understanding and Addressing Clinical Workflow to Facilitate Implementation

Paul B. Jacobsen| May 2019

Paul Jacobsen

Being a relative newcomer to implementation science, Paul Jacobson is still learning about this field’s many contributions to the development of methods for promoting widespread adoption and integration of evidence-based practices, interventions,…

Sustainability of Cancer Control Coalitions as a New “Box”?

Cynthia A. Vinson, PhD, MPA| April 2019

Vinson headshot

This past week, our team had a strategic planning retreat that was designed to build on our previous work, challenge our current assumptions, and focus on developing new projects. We were asked to approach the retreat in a new way. Instead of trying…

Amplifying Practitioner Perspectives to Strengthen Implementation Science

Margaret Farrell MPH, RD| March 2019

Margaret Farrell

The NCI Implementation Science Team takes seriously our mission to advance the science of implementation and integrate implementation science within the broader cancer control and population sciences context.

Implementation science to advance clean cooking

Gila Neta, PhD, MPP| February 2019

Gila Neta

There is significant evidence about the multiple risk factors for cancer and other chronic diseases, including the influence of diet, physical activity, tobacco use, and other exposures. However, many people still struggle to make healthy choices,…

Sun Safety in the Physical Activity Context: Opportunities and Challenges

Frank Perna, EdD, PhD| November 2018

Frank Perna Headshot

I organized the NCI Exercise Science and Skin Cancer Prevention Research meeting to advance implementation science regarding skin cancer prevention among physically active people.

Collaboration Between NCI’s RTIPs Website And Pew-MacArthur Results First Initiative Clearinghouse Database

Annabelle Uy, MS| October 2018

Annabelle Uy

On September 2016, a new collaboration was established between NCI’s RTIPS website and the Pew-MacArthur Results First Initiative Clearinghouse Database.

Design Thinking and Community-Based Participatory Research for Implementation Science

April Oh, PhD, MPH| September 2018

Headshot of April Oh

We need innovation to address our chronic disease burden, and design thinking has emerged as a promising tool.