Dispatches from Implementation Science at NCI

The Dispatches from Implementation Science at NCI blog discusses the integration of implementation science into research across the cancer control continuum to improve the relevance to healthcare systems and population and public health. Blog dispatches are typically released monthly.


Implementation Science and Inherited Cancer Syndromes

Mindy Clyne| February 2021

Mindy Clyne

Prevention and Early Detection of Hereditary Cancers is one of 12 key initiatives included in the Blue Ribbon Panel (BRP) report that launched NCI’s Cancer Moonshot. Utilization of implementation science (IS) methods and tools was identified as an…

Opportunities to Advance Health Equity through Implementation Science

April Oh| January 2021

Headshot of April Oh

There has been an urgency in prioritization of health equity from the broader public and from our own research and practice community. As an implementation science (IS) community, this new year is an opportunity to actively engage in how we tackle…

Reflections on the 2020 Implementation Science Consortium in Cancer (ISCC)

Cynthia A. Vinson| November 2020

Vinson headshot

It feels like every project this year has had to clear a COVID hurdle, and the 2020 Implementation Science Consortium in Cancer (ISCC) is no different. The 2nd annual ISCC was intended to be a transition of leadership from NCI to the Implementation…

Implementation Science Capacity Building within Precision Health and Big Data Research

Mindy Clyne| September 2020

Mindy Clyne

COVID-19 has shed light on the importance of scaling up implementation science capacity, notably in precision health research, where successful implementation of interventions is needed at the population level.

Exploring Implementation Science as a Presidential Management Fellow (and Beyond)

Ali Abazeed| August 2020

Ali Abazeed

Being a Presidential Management Fellow (PMF) serves as a special opportunity to engage in public service at the highest levels and work with talented, multidisciplinary individuals, including those with NCI’s Implementation Science Team.

Rapid Cycle Research

Wynne E. Norton| July 2020

Wynne E. Norton

This breakout group from the inaugural Implementation Science Consortium in Cancer (ISCC) conference last year focused on the intersection of implementation science and rapid cycle research (RCR).

Digital Engagement, Analytics, Content Development, and Community

Sarah Bruce Bernal| June 2020

Sarah Bruce Bernal Headshot

Supporting the IS Team's digital footprint has given me insight into growing an online presence, using data to meet our audience's needs, and understanding the value of an engaged community.

Increasing the Usage of the RTIPs Website to Support Implementation of Effective Cancer Control

Annabelle Uy| May 2020

Annabelle Uy

Last year, we began a strategic planning effort for the Research-Tested Intervention Programs (RTIPs) website to further enhance the website features, with the goal of increasing usage among practitioners, policymakers, and researchers.

Reflections of a Health Communication Fellow with the Implementation Science Team

Laurie Hursting| March 2020

Laurie Hursting, MA

From the beginning of my fellowship it has been clear to me that the Implementation Science team recognizes the inherent value of and need for collaboration within the field, a corresponding emphasis of implementation science itself.

Understanding Context: Learning How Organizations Affect Healthcare Delivery

Sarah Kobrin| February 2020

Sarah Kobrin, PhD, MPH

Healthcare delivery settings influence every step of how care is given, but more work is needed to describe characteristics of these settings, link those characteristics to outcomes, and develop setting-changing interventions to improve care quality.