The Interface of Chronic Inflammation, Insulin Resistance, Obesity, and Cancer Risk

June 3, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM EST

Experts will discuss the interaction between chronic inflammation, insulin resistance, obesity, and cancer. They also will address which process initiates the downward spiral toward metabolic dysregulation.

This webinar is part of the NCI Obesity & Cancer Webinar Series, which aims to foster cross-disciplinary research on obesity that can help prevent, treat, and/or control cancer.




Dr. Matthias Blüher

University of Leipzig

Leipzig, Germany


Dr. Marcia C. Haigis

Harvard Medical School 


Dr. Alison E. Ringel

Harvard Medical School 


Dr. Nathan Berger

Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

Case Comprehensive Cancer Center



Dr. Edward Sauter

NCI Division of Cancer Prevention


Dr. Sharon Ross

NCI Division of Cancer Prevention

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April 15, 2021