2010-2011 TUS-CPS Data

Because of the CPS panel design, a brief longitudinal cohort (overlap sample) was established, with baseline data obtained in May 2010 and follow-up data obtained in May 2011. 

Data and Read-in Files

SAS code for creating a permanent SAS dataset from the .dat and ASCII text files (called “SAS Read-In Files”) is available for the harmonized and single wave public use files, respectively.  Each program reads all variables from the core and the supplement and creates a SAS dataset containing all of the variables.

Replicate Weights

Links to the TUS-CPS Replicate Weight Files, including self-response and nonresponse weights, are provided below.

The data tables listed here provide examples of the type of information that researchers can obtain from the TUS. They are based on analyses of the 2010-11 TUS-CPS data files. All tables refer to self responses from self reports only. Note this is a change from previous Waves’ results for cigarette and other non-cigarette tobacco product use status. This is done for two reasons: first to be most consistent with how this data is used with other data that is collected only from self reports, and second because the proxy reports are most similar to self reports for middle-older ages and less so for younger adults (Soulakova et. al. 2009).

When using these tables, please note that:

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February 29, 2024