Exercise and Nutrition Interventions to Improve Cancer Treatment-related Outcomes (ENICTO) in Cancer Survivors


The purpose of the Exercise and Nutrition Interventions to Improve Cancer Treatment-Related Outcomes (ENICTO) in Cancer Survivors consortium is to fill a research gap concerning the efficacy of specific exercise and dietary approaches to improve cancer treatment-related outcomes for cancer therapies delivered with curative or life-extending intent. By working in collaboration, the consortium will also pursue research questions that are not possible by individual project sites and seek to generate information furthering translation into clinical care.

In 2021, NCI published two funding opportunity announcements, RFA-CA-21-031 and RFA-CA-21-032, inviting applications for clinical trial research projects (U01) and a coordinating center (U24) for the ENICTO consortium.

For more information on the ENICTO consortium, please visit their website.


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Funded Projects

The Exercise and Nutrition Interventions to Improve Cancer Treatment-Related Outcomes (ENICTO) in Cancer Survivors consortium consists of multiple research project grants (U01) and one coordinating center (U24).

Project Institution Principal Investigators (PIs) Recruitment Sites Project Title
U01 Projects
TNT Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Research Center Jessica Scott
Andrea Cercek
New York, NY Dose-response of aerobic training during total neoadjuvant therapy for locally advanced rectal cancer
TEAL Yale University Melinda Irwin
Tracy Crane
New Haven, CT
Miami, FL
Trial of exercise and lifestyle in women with ovarian cancer
ACTION Pennington Biomedical Research Center Justin Brown
Jeffrey Meyerhardt
Bette Caan
Baton Rouge, LA
Boston, MA
Oakland, CA
Adaptive randomization of aerobic exercise during chemotherapy in colon cancer
THRIVE-65 University of Pittsburgh Kathryn Schmitz
Jennifer Ligibel
Nathan Berger
Pittsburgh, PA
Boston, MA
Cleveland, OH
Telehealth resistance exercise intervention to preserve dose intensity and vitality in elder breast cancer patients
U24 Coordinating Center
ENICTO Consortium Coordinating Center George Washington University Scott Evans
Kimberly Robien
  Coordinating Center
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June 01, 2023