2018-2019 TUS-CPS Data

Major content changes to the 2018-2019 series included capturing additional information on current cigarette use among adult respondents between the ages of 18 and 34; adding items on use of cessation tools including nicotine replacement therapy, anti-depressants, and in-person counseling and support groups; and removing items on use of dissolvable tobacco products.

Data and SAS Read-in Files

Datasets are provided below in .dat/ASCII format. SAS programs for creating a permanent SAS dataset from the .dat and ASCII text files (called “SAS Read-In Files”) are provided below. Each program reads all variables from the corresponding core and supplement and creates a SAS dataset containing all the variables.

Code for Use with Other Programs

Code to read in the data files and replicate weights to Stata and R-Studio are provided below. Please review the notes at the top of each program for more information.

Replicate Weights

Links to the TUS-CPS Replicate Weight Files, including self-response and non-response weights, are provided below. Links also contain SAS read-in files (labeled “SAS Input Statements”) for each set of replicate weights.

2018-2019 Questionnaire

Note: The July 2018 and January 2019 questionnaires are the same. Starting with the May 2019 questionnaire, use of heated tobacco products was added.

Summary Results

What Do the 2018-2019 TUS Data Say about Tobacco Use?

The data tables listed here provide examples of the type of information that researchers can obtain from the TUS. They are based on analyses of the 2018-19 TUS-CPS data files. All tables refer to self responses from self reports only.

When using these tables, please note that:

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