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National Cancer Institute

Sample Behavioral Research Grant Applications


The National Cancer Institute (NCI) frequently receives requests for examples of successfully funded grant applications. Several investigators and their organizations agreed to let the Behavioral Research Program (BRP) post excerpts of their grant applications online. The applications in the table below are excellent examples of grantsmanship.

Orientation to Sample Applications

BRP is grateful to the investigators for enabling our Program to deliver this valuable resource. Certain details are redacted, such as social security numbers, budgets, and home addresses. Additionally, to minimize the file size, BRP excluded sections of the original application that provide routine details, such as lists of performance sites and key personnel, biographical sketches, and bibliographies. As a result, the grant applications accessible through the links below do not include all sections that appear in the SF424 (R&R) used to apply for grants.

The text of the grant applications is copyrighted. Investigators and others may use the text from these same applications only for nonprofit educational purposes provided the content remains unchanged and the Principal Investigator(s), their organization(s), and NCI are credited.

Accessibility. Please note, individuals using assistive technology (such as a screen reader, Braille reader, etc.) who experiences difficulty accessing any information in the sample applications, should send an email to BRP 508 Accessible.

Sample Applications

Principal Investigator(s) Organization Title of Project Grant Mechanism & Award Number Link to Grant Application
Judy R. Rees Judy R. Rees, BM, BCh, M.P.H., Ph.D. exit disclaimer Dartmouth College Participant beliefs and bias in a randomized controlled trial
View Abstract
1R03CA178272-01 View Grant Application (PDF)
Wendy Demark-Wahnefried Wendy Demark-Wahnefried, Ph.D. University of Alabama at Birmingham Vegetable garden feasibility trial to promote function in older cancer survivors
View Abstract
1R21CA182508-01 View Grant Application (PDF)
Mark T. Wallace Mark T. Wallace, Ph.D. exit disclaimer Vanderbilt University Multisensory Processing Across Lifespan and Links to Cognition
View Abstract
1R21CA183492-01 View Grant Application (PDF)
Irina Stepanov Irina Stepanov, Ph.D. University of Minnesota Constituent yields and biomarkers of exposure for tobacco product regulation
View Abstract
1R01CA179246-01 View Grant Application (PDF)
David P. Miller David P. Miller, MD, MS Wake Forest School of Medicine A Primary Care Multilevel mHealth Colorectal Cancer Screening (mCRC) Intervention
View Abstract
1R01CA178941-01 View Grant Application (PDF)

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