FLASHE Dyadic Analysis Resources

Individuals who are part of a close relationship – such as a parent and child – may influence each another. Such individuals may also express similarity in their thoughts, behavior, or affect. The FLASHE study is designed to capture this type of interdependence and homogeneity.

FLASHE incorporates the conceptualization of multilevel influences on multiple cancer-preventive health behaviors into a dyadic design to facilitate numerous research questions focused on either an individual (parent or adolescent) or the dyad (parent and adolescent). The analysis of dyadic data is much more complicated than the analysis of data from individuals. To support data users who are interested in conducting dyadic analyses, we have provided the following resources:

Presentations and Webinars

  • A short introduction to dyadic analysis (webinar)

FLASHE-specific dyadic-analysis resources

  • FLASHE Dyadic Analysis User’s Guide and Sample Code (PDF)


We would like to thank Dr. Niall Bolger and Dr. Jean-Philippe Laurenceau for their time and effort in developing the dyadic analysis resources.

Last Updated
September 01, 2022