Social Support and Eating Habits Survey (Modified Sallis)

Measure Definition:

Originally, published in 1987, the purpose of the study was to develop measures of perceived social support specific to health-related eating (and a separate survey for social support and exercise behaviors). In Study I, specific supportive and nonsupportive behaviors were identified through interviews with 40 individuals making health-behavior changes. In Study II, items derived from the interviews were administered to 171 subjects. 

Later, the initial 36 item survey (available in reference), was shortened to the 10 item survey. The abbreviated survey was designed to be easier to use than the original, complete scale reported in Preventive Medicine.


Social Support

Construct Definition (and Source):

Support systems that provide assistance and encouragement to individuals with physical or emotional disabilities in order that they may better cope. (MeSH)

Selected References

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Sallis, J. F., Grossman, R. M., Pinski, R. B., Patterson, T. L., & Nader, P. R. (1987). The development of scales to measure social support for diet and exercise behaviors. Preventive medicine, 16(6), 825–836.