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National Cancer Institute

DCCPS Cancer Research Training Award (CRTA) Stipends

Based on Initial Appointments, Effective May 1, 2017
Degree Stipend
Pre-Baccalaureate Degree $24,300-$32,000 per year
Bachelor’s Degree $30,400-$46,900 per year
Master’s Degree $36,200-$47,600 per year
Doctoral Degree Candidates $36,200-$39,200 per year
Post-Doctoral Degree $48,900-$75,700 per year

The stipends for CRTA Fellows are adjusted yearly, and are commensurate with academic achievement and relevant experience. Student applicants should have superior academic achievement, typically of cumulative 3.5 GPA or higher. Additional compensation for special disciplines may apply. Upon certification of completion of a more advanced degree requirement, another fellowship award at a higher category may be approved. Annual increases may be available when justified, provided appropriate stipend range is not exceeded.

Benefits include health insurance and a wide range of career development and networking activities.