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Smoking and Tobacco Control Monographs

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cover of monograph 16

Monograph 16: ASSIST Shaping the Future of Tobacco Prevention and Control

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  1. Download the entire monograph (3,063 KB)
  2. Download only the chapters you are interested in (see below)
  3. Order a hard copy by calling the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Information Service at 1-800-4-CANCER (1-800-422-6237) or visiting NCI's Publications Locator Website .

Entire Monograph (PDF, 3063 KB)
Navigate within the PDF by clicking on the bookmarks on the left to jump to the appropriate chapter. Or, click on the search button in the top toolbar (binoculars icon) and enter a keyword or phrase in the text box. Click on the links in the results window to jump to the appropriate page.

Table of Contents:

  • Other NCI Tobacco Control Monographs (PDF 58 KB)
  • A Note from the Series Editor (PDF 53 KB)
  • Dedication (PDF 53 KB)
  • Foreword (PDF 69 KB)
  • Preface (PDF 83 KB)
  • The Evaluation of the American Stop Smoking Intervention Study for Cancer Prevention (ASSIST) (PDF 71 KB)
  • Acronyms List (PDF 106 KB)
  • Acknowledgments (PDF 124 KB)
  • Contents (PDF 128 KB)

  • Chapter 1
    The Historical Context
    (PDF 169 KB)
    • Needed: A New Approach
    • The Context for Creating ASSIST
    • Approval Is Sought
    • Readiness to Go Forward
    • References
    • Additional Resource

  • Chapter 2
    The Conceptual Framework
    (PDF 237 KB)
    • The Fundamental Premises of ASSIST: Preventing Tobacco Use through the Public Health Model
    • The ASSIST Conceptual Framework: Priority Populations, Channels, and Interventions
    • ASSIST Program Objectives and Evaluation
    • The Selection of States5
    • Time to Act
    • References

  • Chapter 3
    Structure and Communications
    (PDF 286 KB)
    • Linking the Units of a Complex Structure
    • The Major Organizational Units
    • Mechanisms for Coordination, Decision Making, and Communication
    • Readiness to Build Capacity and Capabilities
    • References

  • Chapter 4
    Building National, State, and Local Capacity and Capability
    (PDF 415 KB)
    • Creating the Capacity to Act
    • Building the Capability to Act
    • Willing and Ready
    • References

  • Chapter 5
    Media Interventions to Promote Tobacco Control Policies
    (PDF 373 KB)
    • The Power of the Media
    • Preparing for Media Interventions
    • Media Strategies and Tactics
    • Monitoring Newspaper Coverage
    • From Media to Policy Change
    • References

  • Chapter 6
    Public and Private Policy Interventions
    (PDF 901 KB)
    • Policy as an Intervention
    • Interventions in Four Policy Areas
    • Challenges to Public Policy Interventions
    • Insights from Policy Advocacy Experiences
    • The Influence of Policy
    • References
    • Additional Resources

  • Chapter 7
    Program Services: Reaching the Individual
    (PDF 251 KB)
    • The Challenge of Services Delivery: Setting Priorities
    • The Role of ASSIST in Service Provision
    • Interaction between Policy and Program Services
    • Strength in Comprehensiveness
    • References
    • Additional Resources

  • Chapter 8
    Tobacco Industry Challenge to ASSIST
    (PDF 661 KB)
    • Part 1. The Tobacco Industry’s Response to ASSIST: An Analysis of Tobacco Industry Internal Documents
    • Methods for Researching the Tobacco Industry Documents
    • Results of the Research
    • Discussion

    • Part 2. ASSIST’s Response to the Tobacco Companies: Facing the Opposition
    • Understanding the Obligation to Respond to FOIA Requests
    • Understanding the Regulations on Lobbying
    • Case Studies
    • Onward after the Opposition
    • References
    • Additional Resources

  • Chapter 9
    Planning Strategically for the Future
    (PDF 420 KB)
    • At the Turning Point
    • The States Work to Sustain Their Programs
    • Developing Strategic Plans for a Sustained National Program
    • Taking Action to Get Commitment
    • Affirming the Commitment
    • Turning to Transition
    • References
    • Additional Resource

  • Chapter 10
    From Demonstration Project to Nationwide Program
    (PDF 243 KB)
    • The Challenge of Dissemination
    • Transition from Agency to Agency: Administrative Issues
    • Integrating and Maintaining Core Program Elements
    • The National Environment for Tobacco Control: A Consideration
    • Toward the Future
    • References

  • Chapter 11
    The Promise of ASSIST
    (PDF 454 KB)
    • Beyond ASSIST
    • A Visible Promise: An Evolving Infrastructure
    • The Promise of ASSIST: Shaping the Future
    • Influencing Public Health Initiatives
    • Advancing Evaluation Methodology
    • Future Interventions and Research Initiatives
    • Onward from ASSIST
    • References

  • Index (PDF 251 KB)

Ordering Information

This monograph can be ordered by calling the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Information Service at 1-800-4-CANCER (1-800-422-6237) or visiting NCI's Publications Locator Website .