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Phenotypes and Endophenotypes: Foundations for Genetic Studies of Nicotine Use and Dependence

Although tobacco use in the United States has steadily declined since the 1980s, an estimated 45 million people in the United States still smoke. Worldwide millions of people die each year from illnesses caused by tobacco use. Tobacco use behavior is dependent on complex genetic and environmental influences and interactions that are currently not well understood. Identifying phenotypes (observable traits determined by groups of genes) and endophenotypes (measurable components along the pathway between genes and the condition of interest) for smoking behavior may help guide future research, tailor treatments for individual smokers more effectively, and enhance existing public health policy in tobacco prevention and control.

National Cancer Institute's Tobacco Control Monograph 20, Phenotypes and Endophenotypes: Foundations for Genetic Studies of Nicotine Use and Dependence reviews the scientific foundation for genetic studies of nicotine use and dependence. The authors and editors reviewed and analyzed the growing body of research findings in the field to develop a scientific plan for incorporating genetic research into crossdisciplinary studies of nicotine dependence.

The latest in the Tobacco Control Monograph series, this NCI monograph provides important, innovative, and new concepts and methodologies for behavioral genetics. Monograph 20 makes a strong case for continued and expanded research of genetic influences on tobacco use. A better understanding of the role of genetic susceptibility may help the public health community enhance already effective public policies for tobacco prevention and control. Placed into the context of what is known to already work, the knowledge gained from genetic studies may play an important role in the future development of environmental and policy interventions.

Order a free monograph copy by going to Monograph 20: Phenotypes and Endophenotypes Foundations for Genetic Studies of Nicotine Use and Dependence or calling the NCI Cancer Information Service at 1-800-4-CANCER (1-800-422-6237).

Ask for NIH Publication No. 09-6366.

The NCI began the Tobacco Control Monograph Series in 1991 to provide ongoing and timely information about emerging issues in tobacco prevention and control. Recent titles include: The Role of the Media in Promoting and Reducing Tobacco Use; Greater Than the Sum: Systems Thinking in Tobacco Control; Evaluating ASSIST - A Blueprint for Understanding State-level Tobacco Control; and ASSIST - Shaping the Future of Tobacco Prevention and Control. To view past monographs, visit the Tobacco Control Monograph Series.