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Smoking and Tobacco Control Monographs

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Monograph 22: A Socioecological Approach to Addressing Tobacco-Related Health Disparities

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Entire Monograph (PDF 16,182 KB)
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Monograph 22 cover

Table of Contents:

  • Front matter (PDF 689 KB)
    • Table of Contents
    • Figures and Tables
    • Acknowledgements
    • Abbreviations
    • Glossary
    • Forward

Section 1—Overview and Epidemiology

  • Chapter 1. Introduction and Overview (PDF 795 KB)
    • Introduction
    • Health Disparities
    • History of Research on TRHD
    • TRHD: A Multilevel Perspective
    • About This Monograph
    • Monograph Organization and Chapter Overviews
    • Future Directions in TRHD Research
    • Conclusion
    • References
    • Appendix I: Monograph Terms
  • Chapter 2. The Epidemiology of Tobacco-Related Health Disparities (PDF 1.7 MB)
    • Introduction
    • Youth Tobacco Use Behaviors
    • Cigarette Smoking Prevalence Among Young Adults
    • Menthol Cigarette Smoking Among Youth and Young Adults
    • Adult Tobacco Use Behaviors
    • Secondhand Smoke and Prenatal Tobacco Exposure
    • Tobacco-Related Cancer Incidence and Mortality
    • Methodological Limitations and Challenges in the TRHD Literature
    • Chapter Summary
    • References

Section 2—Intrapersonal/Individual Factors Associated with Tobacco-Related Health Disparities

  • Chapter 3. Genetics, Physiological Processes, and Tobacco-Related Health Disparities (PDF 1.4 MB)
    • Introduction
    • Genetic Factors Associated With Nicotine and Smoking
    • Genetic Factors Associated With the Risk for Lung Cancers
    • Genetics and TRHD: Current Knowledge and Future Directions
    • References
  • Chapter 4. Flavored Tobacco and Chemosensory Processes (PDF 488 KB)
    • Introduction
    • The Menthol Compound
    • Brief Review of the Chemical Senses
    • Cigarette Smoking and the Chemical Senses
    • Characteristics of Flavor Additives and Constituents
    • Chemical Senses and Variation
    • Taster Group and Variance Across Populations
    • Smoking Among Taster Groups
    • Chemosensation and TRHD
    • Chapter Summary
    • Research Needs
    • References
  • Chapter 5. Stress-Related Processes and Tobacco-Related Health Disparities (PDF 1.7 MB)
    • Introduction
    • Stress Processes and TRHD: Literature and Conceptual Frameworks
    • Physiological Stress Processes and Health in Racial/Ethnic and LGBT Groups
    • Perceived Stress and Tobacco Use: Overview
    • Racism and Discrimination and Their Relationship to Disparities
    • Psychological Disorders and TRHD
    • Examining Specific Psychological Stress, Trauma, and Smoking: Women and Intimate Partner Violence
    • Chapter Summary
    • Research Needs
    • References

Section 3—Interpersonal and Contextual Factors That Contribute to Tobacco-Related Health Disparities

  • Chapter 6. Social Relationships and Tobacco-Related Health Disparities (PDF 868 KB)
    • Introduction
    • Social Relationships and Disparities Across the Tobacco Use Continuum
    • Measures of Social Relationships and Tobacco Use
    • Literature Search Strategy 
    • Social Network Structure and Smoking
    • Social Influence, Social Comparison, and Smoking
    • Social Control and Smoking
    • Social Support and Smoking
    • Discrimination and Smoking
    • Evidence Summary
    • Chapter Summary
    • Research Needs
    • References 
  • Chapter 7. Tobacco-Related Health Disparities Among Immigrant Populations (PDF 650 KB)
    • Introduction
    • U.S. Immigration Patterns 1800–2010
    • Countries of Origin and Smoking Behavior
    • Impact of Acculturation and Assimilation to the United States
    • Literature Search Strategy
    • Acculturation, Immigrant Status, and Smoking Behavior
    • Gender, Acculturation, Immigrant Status, and Smoking Behavior/Outcomes
    • Socioeconomic Status, Acculturation, Immigrant Status, and Smoking Behavior
    • Immigrant Ethnicity and Smoking Behavior
    • Chapter Summary
    • Research Needs
    • References
  • Chapter 8. Occupation, the Work Environment, and Tobacco-Related Health Disparities (PDF 1.3 MB)
    • Introduction
    • Literature Search Strategy
    • Disparities Across the Tobacco Use Continuum, by Occupational Characteristics
    • Effect of Occupation and Tobacco Smoking on Cancer Risk 
    • Contributions of the Work Environment to Disparities Along the Tobacco Use Continuum
    • Evidence Summary
    • Chapter Summary
    • Research Needs
    • References

Section 4—Societal Level Influences of Tobacco Use