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National Cancer Institute

Monograph 5: Tobacco and the Clinician: Interventions for Medical and Dental Practice

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Table of Contents:

  • Foreword (PDF 502 KB)
  • Preface (PDF 68 KB)
  • Acknowledgments (PDF 51 KB)

  • Chapter 1
    Strategies for Office-Based Smoking Cessation Assistance
    (PDF 374 KB)
    • Overview of Office-Based Smoking Cessation Assistance
    • Trends in Physicians' Smoking Behavior and Patterns of Advice to Quit
    • The Health Professional's Responsibility in Smoking Cessation: Strategies for Office and Community

  • Chapter 2
    Recruitment and Training of Practicing Physicians, Dentists, and Their Office Staffs
    (PDF 383 KB)
    • Effects of Training Family Physicians in a Comprehensive Smoking Cessation Intervention
    • Doctors Helping Smokers: Development of a Clinic-Based Smoking Intervention System
    • Prompting Smoking Cessation in Family Practice
    • Smoking Cessation in Primary Care Practice: Summary of Results From the Quit for Life Project
    • Physician and Dentist Interventions For Smoking Cessation
    • The Tobacco Reduction and Cancer Control (TRACC) Program: Team Approaches to Counseling in Medical and Dental Settings

  • Chapter 3
    Training of Physicians in Training
    (PDF 357 KB)
    • Interventions for Smoking Prevention and Cessation
    • Effects of Two Realistic Interventions To Teach Smoking Cessation
    • Counseling to Primary Care Residents: A Randomized Trial

  • Chapter 4
    Special Practice Settings
    (PDF 315 KB)
    • Pediatricians’ Role in Smoking Prevention and Cessation
    • Smoking Intervention by Providers of Health Care for Women
    • A Physician- and Dentist-Delivered Smoking Cessation Intervention for Head and Neck Cancer Patients
    • Medical Advice as a Communication About Risks of Smoking and Benefits of Quitting

  • Chapter 5
    Dissemination, Facilitation, and Maintenance of Office-Based Cessation Assistance
    (PDF 238 KB)
    • Smoking Cessation as a Clinic Quality Improvement Project
    • Computerized Reminder System To Aid Physicians in Assessment and Counseling of Patients Who Smoke
    • Physicians' and Dentists’ Roles in COMMIT-The Community Intervention Trial for Smoking Cessation
    • Dissemination of Physician-Based Smoking Cessation Interventions
    • Clinical Interventions in Tobacco Control: A National Cancer Institute Training Program For Health Care Providers