Family Life, Activity, Sun, Health and Eating (FLASHE) Study Webinar: An Introduction to Dyadic Data Analysis

A webinar on how to analyze dyadic data from the Family, Life, Activity, Sun, Health, and Eating (FLASHE) was held on Feb. 5, 2016. The webinar was hosted by the National Cancer Institute and included presentations from Dr. Niall Bolger Exit Disclaimer and Dr. Jean-Philippe (J-P) Laurenceau. Exit Disclaimer A video of the webinar is available below.

What the Webinar Covers

This webinar provides an introduction to cross-sectional, dyadic analysis using data from the FLASHE study. FLASHE is a unique data resource, and the dyadic study design allows the research community to explore numerous questions. Dyadic data present analytic challenges because they have various sources of interdependence (e.g. non-independence between members of the dyad such as a parent and a child). Flexible analytic tools (e.g. path modeling, multilevel modeling) can accommodate these complexities. Viewers will gain introductory-level understanding of dyadic data analysis. Additional resources such as sample code for preparing data files and conducting dyadic analyses are available on the FLASHE dyadic resources page.

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