Workshop on State of Theory Development


The first activity of the Theories Project was a workshop held May 16-17, 2002. At this workshop researchers from a variety of backgrounds described the state of theory development from their own perspectives and suggested activities that NCI should undertake.

Workshop Summary

The document below presents a summary of the Theories Project workshop that took place May 16–17, 2002. It contains reports of presentations by a speaker and reactor on six major topics, discussions of these topics by the entire group, examples of recommendations for NCI consideration, and a list of attendees. The topics considered in the sessions were:

  1. Theory or Theories? Different Theories for Different Groups?
  2. Theory Interests and Theory Skills in Health Researchers
  3. Attention to Theory in the Publication Process
  4. Usefulness of Current Theories for Designing Interventions
  5. Recruiting Theoretically Oriented Social Scientists to Health Behavior Research
  6. How Funding and Perceptions of Funding Affect Research Choices
  7. Breakout Groups
  8. Participants List
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