Jackson's Smoking Susceptibility

Jackson, C. (1998)

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Brief Description: This is a brief 4-item instrument designed to measure smoking susceptibility among children. Similar to the Pierce et al. (1995; 1996) Susceptibility measure, its items are slightly different and it is used with a younger population.
Target Population: Children, grade 3-5.
Administrative Issues: This instrument can be administered in the classroom. Items can be read aloud to younger respondents or respondents for whom reading skills might hinder comprehension.
Scoring Information: A total susceptibility score, ranging from 0-4, is obtained by summing responses to all four items. A score of 1 on each item is recorded if the response indicates susceptibility.
"Definitely not" responses to items 1-3 indicates no susceptibility (0). All other responses to items 1-3 indicate susceptibility (1). An affirmative response to item 4 indicates susceptibility (1).
Psychometrics: Predictive validity: Scores significantly predicted smoking initiation two years later. This instrument was a better predictor of smoking initiation than self-reported parent and peer smoking.
Clinical Utility of Instrument: This instrument can be used to identify elementary school children, prior to smoking initiation, who could benefit from a smoking prevention program.
Research Applicability: This instrument can be used to further investigate smoking susceptibility and its association with later smoking initiation among elementary school children. This instrument also can be used to assess smoking prevention programs, and how early intervention affects susceptibility.
Copyright, Cost, and Source Issues: No charge for use.
Source Reference: Jackson, C. (1998). Cognitive susceptibility to smoking and initiation of smoking during childhood: A longitudinal study. Preventive Medicine, 27, 129-134.
Additional Supporting References: None.
Author: Christine Jackson, Ph.D.
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