NCI Measures Guide for Youth Tobacco Research

NCI supported researchers at Brown University, Dr. Suzanne Colby and Dr. Johanna Lewis-Esquerre, to develop a measures guide for youth tobacco research following NCI's June 2000 Youth Tobacco Research Meeting in Denver, CO. The guide is intended as a resource for anyone conducting research on youth tobacco use or intervening with adolescent tobacco users, such as clinicians and public health practitioners. The standardized and psychometrically sound measures presented in this guide were compiled via a detailed method involving its developers and researchers submitting measures for inclusion. The developers used the following inclusion criteria to evaluate each submission: English language, smoking/tobacco/nicotine, quantitative score, data from adolescents, psychometric data, published in a peer-reviewed journal, and has an identifiable name. They then examined the source articles for each measure and drafted the summary and instrument, which was then subjected to a second review. The revised, accepted measures were formalized for inclusion in the online measures guide.

The guide will assist researchers in achieving consistency of measurement across studies for describing smoking patterns, establishing inclusion and exclusion criteria for participation, measuring potentially important mediators and moderators of treatment outcomes, and measuring tobacco use outcomes. Each measure is briefly described and details are provided about the target population, administrative issues, scoring information, psychometrics, clinical utility of the instrument, research applicability, copyright /cost issues, references, authorship and author's contact information.

NCI extends its sincerest thanks to Dr. Suzanne Colby and Dr. Johanna Lewis-Esquerre for their leadership and dedication to this project.

Categories on this page:
Advertising Receptivity | Beliefs and Expectancies | Smoking Susceptibility | Dependence | Friends/Family Smoking | Mood | Problems | Smoking Behavior | Stressors | Temptations to Smoke | Self-Efficacy | Validity of Self-Report

Advertising Receptivity
Receptivity John P. Pierce, Ph.D.
Beliefs and Expectancies
Tobacco Motives Inventory Thomas A. Wills, Ph.D.
Adolescent Smoking Consequences Questionnaire Johanna M. Lewis-Esquerre, Ph.D.
Fishbein-Azjen-Hanson Questionnaire Mary Jane S. Hanson, Ph.D., C.R.N.P.
Postive Negative Outcome Expectancies Madeline Dalton, Ph.D.
Smoking Decisional Balance Wayne F. Velicer
Short form- Smoking Consequences Questionnaire Mark G. Myers, Ph.D.
Smoking Susceptibility
Susceptibility John P. Pierce, Ph.D.
Jackson's Smoking Susceptibility Christine Jackson, Ph.D.
Cigarette Dependence Five Item Scale (CDS-5) Jean-Francois Etter, Ph.D., M.P.H
Cigarette Dependence Twelve Item Scale (CDS-12) Jean-Francois Etter, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Hooked on Nicotine Checklist (HONC) Joseph DiFranza, M.D.
Modified Version of the Fagerstrom
Tolerance Questionnaire (mFTQ)
Alexander V. Prokhorov, M.D., Ph.D.
Stanford Dependence Inventory (SDI) Joel D. Killen, Ph.D.
Nicotine Dependence Scale for Adolescents James M. Nonnemaker, Ph.D.
Friends/Family Smoking
Peer and Family Smoking John P. Pierce, Ph.D.
Depressive Symptoms J. P. Pierce, Ph.D.
Negative and Positive Affect Scales Thomas A. Wills, Ph.D.
Tobacco and Alcohol Problems Measure Thomas A. Wills, Ph.D.
Smoking Behavior
Uptake Continuum John P. Pierce, Ph.D.
Negative Life Events Inventory Thomas A. Wills, Ph.D.
Temptations to Smoke
Temptations to Smoke - Smoker Wayne F. Velicer, Ph.D.
Temptations to Smoke -Non-smoker Wayne F. Velicer, Ph.D
Self-efficacy scale Lyn Lawrance, Ph.D.
Validity of Self-Report
Perceptions of Self-Report L.A.R. Stein, Ph.D.
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September 24, 2020