Perceptions of Self-Report Survey (PSRS)

Stein, Colby, O'Leary et al (2002)

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Brief Description: This is a 30-item self-administered self-report measure that assesses misreporting of smoking behavior by adolescents, and is typically given after research or treatment participation. The instrument makes a variety of inquiries including how important it was to the adolescent that the interviewer like him or her, how frequently adolescents under- or over-reported their behaviors in general during the study, and open-ended questions regarding why adolescents under- or over-report smoking.
Target Population: Adolescents, aged 12-19 years, smoke at least one cigarette daily.
Administrative Issues: Adolescents are assured that their responses will not be seen by interviewers. They are instructed to place the completed questionnaire in an envelope and seal it. Adolescents should not complete the questionnaire in the presence of the researcher/interviewer/treatment provider.
Scoring Information: Individual items analyzed.
Psychometrics: Misreport categories were determined from coding of responses in two open-ended response items. Two sets of independent raters sorted responses into categories, with agreement between raters ranging from 62 percent to 97 percent.

Misreport categories include Fear of Addiction, Manage Feelings, Desire to Quit, Obstinate, Social Desirability, Little Smoking, Fear of Repercussion, Attention, and Misappraisal.
Clinical Utility of Instrument: To assess the accuracy of self-report information used to assess treatment effectiveness.
Research Applicability: To investigate the veracity of self-report measures among adolescent smokers, which will enable further investigation of the extent and influence of misreporting in epidemiological research on adolescent smoking behavior, and in smoking prevention and cessation research.
Copyright, Cost, and Source Issues: Free for research purposes.
Source Reference: Stein, L. A. R., Colby, S. M., O'Leary, T. A., Monti, P. M., Rohsenow, D. J., Spirito, A., Riggs, S., & Barnett, N. P. (2002). Response distortion in adolescents who smoke: A pilot study. Journal of Drug Education, 32, 271-286.
Supporting References: None.
Author: L.A.R. Stein, Ph.D.
Contact Information: Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies Brown University Box G-BH Providence, RI 02912 (401) 444-1824 Email:
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