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Resources to enhance your team-based research -- The “Team Science Toolkit” website

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has developed the Team Science Toolkit that provides knowledge and practical tools to enhance team-based research. Resources in the Toolkit can help you engage in, manage, support, or evaluate team-based research.

There is a growing body of knowledge about how to enhance team collaboration in science to maximize productivity and innovation. But this knowledge may be hard to access, as it is generated by multiple fields, including communications, management sciences, psychology, and information technology. In addition, many researchers do not have the time to search the academic literature.

The Team Science Toolkit puts this knowledge at your fingertips. It consolidates information and practical tools in one accessible online location.

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Resources for team-based research available through NCI website

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has developed the Team Science Toolkit, which provides resources to help manage, support, conduct, or study team-based research. The Toolkit consolidates information from multiple disciplines and fields in one accessible location, and its resources include practical tools and strategies for effective team science, measures and metrics to study team science, and scholarly articles. It also includes an introduction to team science. For more information and to view available resources, visit the Team Science Toolkit.

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  • Researchers are using team-based approaches to address complex challenges such as cancer. If you manage, support, or conduct team-based research, check out NCI's Team Science Toolkit for more than 500 resources to help maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your work.
  • Looking for tools to enhance your team-based research initiative? The Team Science Toolkit contains resources to support you at every phase of your work, including developing new collaborations, writing grant applications, enhancing team communication, training team members in collaboration skills, managing conflict, and more.
  • Are you interested in fostering team-based research at your organization or institution? The Team Science Toolkit contains resources that can help, such as sample promotion and tenure policies, information on awards and recognitions for team-based research, and more.
  • Are you interested in studying or evaluating team-based research? The Team Science Toolkit contains methods, measures, instruments, and metrics recommended by colleagues. It also includes an expert directory to help you connect with colleagues who share your interests.
Last Updated
May 27, 2021