Group-Evaluated Measures (GEM)

What is GEM?

Group-Evaluated Measures (GEM) is a National Cancer Institute (NCI) database for researchers with information about and potential access to behavioral, social science, and other scientific measures organized by associated constructs. GEM supports doing science more efficiently through the reuse of existing measures, contributes to a shared knowledge base, and increases consistency and inter-operability among shared datasets.

NCI conceptualized the GEM database with two overarching aims for behavioral research:

  • Promote the use of standardized measures for prospective research and
  • Facilitate the ability to share harmonized data resulting from the use of standardized measures.

Why Use GEM?

GEM allows users to search for constructs (e.g., anxiety, depression), see definitions, and download associated measures where available. It also allows users to search for measures and see attributes of those measures where available (e.g., definition, target population, author, reliability, validity).

Key benefits of GEM:

  • Search for and identify best measures for your research (by name or construct)
  • Link to other measurement initiatives (e.g., PhenX)
  • Help build a cumulative base of knowledge
  • Enable more efficient research
  • Promote the use of common beneficial measures
  • Coordinate the behavioral research enterprise

Do you want to add measures to GEM?

If you are interested in providing additional measures to include in GEM, please contact Richard P. Moser, PhD (


Richard Moser, Ph.D.

Richard Moser, Ph.D.

Training Director and Research Methods Coordinator

Last Updated
September 29, 2022